Working with Kick Action Films was a breath of fresh air. I was finally able to find a company that could put a visionary impact on a case study that was written by me. I had been looking for some time for such a company and not getting much luck until I stumbled across Kick Action Films and their work. 

Working with them was insightful. Not only did they help me turn a case study document into a short docudrama, but they were willing to write the script and create a website for it as well. Bingo!!! All the things I wanted in one place. Their past work only confirmed my decision to appoint Kick Action Films to take control of my project and work their magic.

Kick Action Films not only created an impactful and raw account of the case study in the form of a docudrama which has since won multiple awards globally, but they have also given me a platform to create a brand that is growing on its own. This could not have been made possible without their knowhow and vision for the docudrama, then transferring that same vision into a long term online presence with full analytics on all the necessary platforms. 

Would I recommend Kick Action Films? Yes, I would. They saved me a few years of work and packaged it into a few months from inception to delivery and we continue to grow our work thanks to their expertise.

If they can do it for us, they can definitely do it for anyone else, no matter at what stage you’re at.

Prakash Radhakrishnan

Founder, Official This Is Me

I was a lead actor and writer in a modest but ambitious production. The Kick Action Films team were great to work with. They helped with nearly every aspect of the project, including the selection of the team. This included everything from the script-writing, to script-reads and rehearsals, and the entire shoot.

Kick Action Films were also instrumental in finding and sourcing our filming locations. They were the first ones there and the last to leave, working on the sets, looking after welfare, even providing tea and biscuits – Which makes all the difference on a cold January morning!

On top of all this, their care and attention to detail was wonderful. It’s often the little things that can cheapen a project when it comes to finally filming. And, as an invested actor, I did not want to spend any energy worrying about these things. And thankfully I didn’t have to.

The Director and every member of the team were cheerful, on point and full of creative positivity. Everyone could safely focus on their job knowing there were no weak links.

I certainly plan on working with Kick Action Films again in the future, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for those projects that are close to your heart.

Jim Macie

Actor, & Founder, Jim Elly Studios